Installation Guide

Plugin Installation

  1. Purchase a plan from here.
  2. Download plugin from the email link after purchase.
  3. Install the plugin to your site under the plugins directory and activate it. If you’re not sure how to do this, follow this link.
  4. Find the Instant Quote menu on the left side of your dashboard. Click on it and accept all permissions.
  5. Configure the settings on the menu page (find more on this below).

Plugin Test

  1. Add the shortcode to your website where you want the quote form to appear. It is [ instantly-quote ] including the square brackets, and no spaces. You will need to remove the spaces from the example above if you copy and paste. 
  2. Test your settings by placing a quote using a personal email address. Check the following:
  • Is the quote amount correct?
  • Are the response (from) email and CC emails correct?
  • Is the top logo correct and does clicking on it redirect to the correct webpage?

Plugin Settings

Email Subject

  • This is the header line for the email. Make it stand out and represent your brand!

Sending Email

  • This is the email that will appear to have sent your quote. The actual email is sent by your web server. This will also be the email address bookers will respond to, so make sure you have access to it and notifications turned on!

Copy Email

  • Another email address you can CC in. Usually used to keep track of requests or send to agents or booking managers.

Website URL

  • The website link, usually the homepage. Can also be a specific page, such as bookings.

Logo URL

  • The website logo link; this will be an image loaded within the quote email at the top and have the website link applied to it. You can set this to be any image, not just the logo (although the logo is recommended).

Time Frame

  • This dropdown is how long you work for; for example, a musician who performs 45 minute sets.

Minimum Set Amount

  • The smallest amount of time frames possible; for example, 2 x 45 minute sets. This has to be smaller than maximum. If you try to set this bigger than maximum, the page will display an error and you will be asked to reload the page to reset.

Maximum Set Amount

  • The largest amount of time frames possible; for example, 4 x 45 minute sets. This has to be larger than the minimum. If you try to set this smaller than minimum, the page will display an error and you will be asked to reload the page to reset.
  • For the examples given above, the booker could choose a set amount of 2, 3 or 4 x 45 minute sets from the form.

Charge For Time Frame

  • This is how much it would cost in the selected currency for a single time frame.
  • This is in pounds, e.g. 100 (£100).

Travel Charge per Mile

  • Our system calculates the journey in miles (future plans for kilometres in the pipeline!), and applies this charge to every mile to and from the location provided by the booker.
  • This is in pence, e.g. 45 (£0.45).

Home Postcode

  • Your home address postcode. The travel cost will be worked out from this location to the location the client supplies and back again.

Copyright Text

  • This is your company name. It will be added to “© 2022 company name“.
  • This is also used as your email name. Emails will be headed by “Company Name” followed by the subject.

Trouble getting started?

If you have any trouble getting setup give our troubleshooting page a quick look, or if you have any questions about getting setup drop us a line at