This is most likely caused by another plugin. Some plugins will lock files for “security measures” and block them from being edited or read from.

We recommend deactivating plugins one by one and checking to see if it fixes the problem.

You need to include the shortcode [ instantly-quote ] (with the square brackets and no spaces!), in the place you would like the plugin to appear. Make sure you are in text/code mode.

This appears when you don’t have a licence, haven’t input your licence or if you have maxed out your use limit.

If you have bought a licence and are certain you haven’t maxed out your uses, please contact support on

We need to check if you are getting an error. Follow the following steps:

1.) Right click on the browser and select “Inspect”.

2.) Open the console tab.

3.) If there is lots of messages, uncheck everything except “Errors”.

4.) If the error says “A valid API key is needed”, you likely have a conflicting plugin. Some plugins will combine or edit JavaScript files to speed up the website, and this can affect the plugin.

Deactivate each of your plugins one by one until it fixes the problem.

If your error persists or it wasn’t mentioned here, contact support at

Having trouble that you can’t resolve? Contact support at